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 [Pisces] Sam Askuwheteau

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PostSubject: [Pisces] Sam Askuwheteau   Wed Jun 25, 2008 10:29 pm

(This may be edited throughout the duration of the roleplay to contain up-to-date information.)

Name: Sam Askuwheteau ("he keeps watch")
Age: 18
Gender: male
Grade/Occupation: Graduated high school; currently working as a freelance photographer for the local newspaper to raise money for college.
Sign: Pisces
About: Sam has lead a relatively normal life. Aside from his father leaving when he was a boy, Sam's childhood was uneventful. He grew up in an average neighborhood, attended an average school, and had average friends. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Like any Pisces, Sam is creative, generous, friendly, compassionate, and modest. He's the definition of the charming gentleman. He'll listen to your problems and comfort you - and then he'll offer his advice and propose solutions. He's versatile and gentle, affectionate and loyal.

Granted, he has his faults. Being so eager to help others, Sam can easily be mislead and deceived. He also tends to be too submissive to others when it comes to decision-making, hence why he's more of a follower than a leader. Finally, he's quite secretive and independent; when the going gets tough for him, he'll more than likely escape into his own thoughts and distract himself with daydreams.

Speaking of dreams, Sam's been having strange ones lately. Spirits visiting, animals conversing, chanting from times long since past. All the dreams seem to be connected somehow, and they're warning him of something. If only he knew what...
Appearance: Standing at 5'8", Sam weighs 140 lbs. He's built very lean with a strong upper body, which is mostly due to swimming. He is half-Native American from his father's side, and half-Caucasian from his mother. Sam's eyes are a deep brown, and his hair is dark enough to the point of being black; it's usually mussed and sticking up from running his fingers through it. As far as clothes are concerned, he tends to stick with a worn pair of jeans and a faded t-shirt. He's not one for accessories, other than his wristbands and ever-present cell phone. [ref: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
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[Pisces] Sam Askuwheteau
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