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A private modern-day zodiac RPG.
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 Rules & Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules & Regulations   Fri Jun 13, 2008 4:27 pm

Rules that are NOT meant to be broken.

  • o1. Despite the fact that I'm the big bad "admin" other than layout and general stuff I won't be moderating anything. You're all responsible for posting; I won't be badgering anyone like I did at Marmalade to post.

  • o2. Please keep OOC talk in the chatbox.

  • o3. Romance. When I created this forum, I had to agree to Terms and Conditions that specifically stated that sexual content is strictly prohibited. Therefore I must ask that everyone keep their sex logs either off-site, on LiveJournal or the like, or to a very minimum. I know we all like slash here so I'll let a few sex logs slide, but please be careful.

  • o4. No godmoding, powerplay, etc. Also - this roleplay is third-person past tense.

  • o5. Villians, static characters, etc., are free game to be played by anyone. The character you play is yours alone, but everyone else is free to play any non-zodiac character. Though I must advise that if someone is RPing another character, say, a zodiac kid's girlfriend, it's not fair to suddenly have a drunkard run her over with a car. No. Use common sense, and ask.

  • o6. Zodiac kids can be badly wounded but cannot be killed. So don't be killing people, k.

  • o7. Please post regularly. As I said before, I won't be policing posts, but posting a few times a day would be fabulous.


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Rules & Regulations
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